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The Wisdom Warrior Challenge (WWC) is a national event for
seniors aged 50 to 105. Thanks to our generous sponsors, the WWC is
free to all teams.

Interested in sponsoring?


As a sponsor, you are helping to fill a void that is very much needed in our senior adult population to promote an active, healthy lifestyle. Everyone has a senior adult in their life - or maybe you are one. You can be part of changing the narrative on aging.

By sponsoring WWC, you are also supporting Healthy People 2030, which is an initiative of the US Office of Disease Prevention & Health. The goal is to increase the proportion of older adults with physical or cognitive health problems to get physically active.

Sponsoring our senior track event presents a unique and compelling opportunity for your business to significantly boost its visibility and brand exposure.


With a wide and diverse audience attending this high-profile event, your company will have the chance to reach a large number of potential customers and clients.


Your brand logo and name will be prominently displayed on event materials, banners, and promotional items, maximizing your company's visibility both during the event and in pre-event marketing efforts.


Furthermore, your sponsorship will be acknowledged through social media campaigns, press releases, and event announcements, reaching an even broader audience and solidifying your company's reputation as a community-oriented and supportive brand.


By aligning your business with this well-regarded senior track event, you can create a positive association with potential customers and strengthen your market position, ultimately leading to increased sales and business growth.

WWC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that affords you tax advantages.


The training program was designed by a certified OccupationalTherapist and Kinesiologist to gradually  increase activity level at apace that is safe and fun.

The WWC is a competitive event. Think seniors aren’t competitive? They thrive on it! Make time to attend an event in your area and you will see that the competitive spirit has no age limit!

Participating and training as part of a team fosters camaraderie, connection and accountability. All athletes have the opportunity to add to the overall place of their team.

Full support and all supplies are given to the teams, 100% free to all participants.


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