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The Wisdom Warrior Challenge (WWC) is a FREE annual event for participants 55-105 years old. The primary goals of the Wisdom Warrior Challenge are to promote physical activity and engagement and to debunk the myths about aging as related to the ability to remain active. 


This senior centric, all inclusive track event hosts separate divisions for those using a device such as a walker, cane, or self-propelled wheelchair. This completely free “box” event will provide everything you need to host a successful event. The athletes will be recognized for their place at their local event and for their overall standing for the nationwide challenge which includes all participating facilities. The community with the most points will hold the Wisdom Cup until the next annual event!

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What went through your mind as your crossed over the finish line?

"I really didn't think I was going to be in the race because I had a back problem. I said 'well, let me sign up for the shortest one' and uh... I came in second! I started walking and I just developed into a run! Then I won 2 events!"

- Fred U.

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What would you say to someone who is thinking about participating in WWC?

"It leaves you with a great sense of accomplishment! It was a nice experience. When I got my medal, I was proud as punch!"

- Naomi R.


How has participating in WWC changed your life?

"I think the main thing about it is it's an incentive to get going. I continue to walk to this day! I walk about 2 miles, some days more, some days less."

- Bill Q. 

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This event will be held at individual communities and will have the following category opportunities:

  1. Men

  2. Women

  3. Special categories for each distance including use of a walking device and/or self-propelled wheelchair, or any category as needed to meet your communities needs. 

  4. Age categories 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, 90-94, 95-99, 100-105. Yes, we have had a 100 year old participant for the 50 meter!

*Athletes can enter as many events as they wish.


Event can include all or some of the following distances:

  1. 100 meter (328 feet)

  2. 50 meter (164 feet)

  3. 400 meter (¼ mile)

  4. 200 meter (656 feet)

  5. 800 meter (½ mile)

  6. 1600 meter (1 mile)

*Recommended order is proposed above to allow for ample rest time for athletes entering multiple races.


Point Distribution (to calculate the Wisdom Cup Winner):

  1. 1st:10 points

  2. 2nd: 8 points

  3. 3rd: 6 points

  4. 4th: 4 points

  5. 5th: 2 points

  6. 6th: 1 point

Choose your event coach! We recommend someone from the wellness, activities or rehabilitation department. We will provide all the resources your coach needs.

Your coach will engage and coordinate the following at your community:

  1. Enlist as many volunteers as possible, include associates and staff. 

  2. Host an introductory meeting with the residents to explain the event. The communities will be issued a WWC pre-recorded video to play at this meeting to explain the event details. When possible a WWC committee member will be available via video chat with the residents to answer any questions they may have. If you would like a live video chat for your event, email the request with the date and time of your meeting.  

  3. Assist the residents in choosing the distances. Don't be afraid to challenge them so that they are working toward a meaningful goal!

  4. Set up a marked track within the community for both training and event day. All distances should end at the same point.

  5. Coordinate training for the residents to get them started. 


  1. FULL support so that you provide the most epic event your residents have EVER experienced.

  2. Event t-shirt

  3. Swag bags ( WWC merchandise, give aways from sponsors, etc.)

  4. Medals for each event and category (age and gender)

  5. Wisdom Cup (for the overall winner of the entire race series)

  6. Social media content & marketing materials

  7. Sample Press Release

  8. Videos to share with participants to explain the event and build excitement 

  9. Training for the staff and volunteers

  10. Community specific participant waivers

  11. Registration forms

  12. Resident event tracking forms and other organizational tools

  13. Unlimited support via phone or video chat 

  14. The Virtual Awards Ceremony with all communities to award the overall top athletes for each category and the coveted Wisdom Cup to the community with the most points.


Schedule a Packet Pick Up to hand out race packets at a central location in your community. Use this as an opportunity to hype up the upcoming event!


The packet will be provided for you and include:

  • a swag bag filled with amazing items provided by sponsors

  • commemorative event t-shirt

  • a race number to be worn at the event

  • final race day information such as start time and location

  1. Cheerleaders along the track to encourage the residents

  2. Partner up timekeeping volunteers with each resident

  3. Space for sponsors and vendor to set up tables

  4. Set up the balloon arch (provided) at the finish line

  5. DJ to play music through out the event

  6. Host an award ceremony at the end of the race OR give out medals based on time at the finish of each race.



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